SOLER Project Started

The SOLER project started in January 2024 with a Kick-Off meeting that took place on two days: 16 and 31 January. The meeting was conducted on-line. The first day of the meeting had a project overview presentation by the coordinator team, the Project Officer’s words, and presentations on management and methods and tasks for dissemination and communication of project results. During the second day, all technical work packages were presented and the work during the first nine months until the first technical review of the project was outlined.

The team had fruitful discussions on how to start the planning phase of the project, which will last six months and produce the development plans for methodologies for radio, X-ray, optical and EUV, as well as in-situ data analysis. The plans and first results will be presented and discussed within the team and with some users in SOLER User Requirements Workshop, which is scheduled for 18–20 June 2024 to be held in Helsinki. This meeting will be an opportunity for the project to still make amendments to its development plans and match the development work with the community needs.

Lots of interesting work and science ahead with a very motivated team!