Energetic Solar Eruptions: Data and Analysis Tools

The Energetic Solar Eruptions: Data and Analysis Tools (SOLER) project will investigate the most energetic phenomena occurring at the Sun and provide new knowledge on their interrelations, variability and energy partitioning. Using the newly expanded unprecedented heliospheric spacecraft fleet we investigate energetic solar eruptions starting from three perspectives: fast coronal mass ejections (CMEs), strong X-ray flares, and large solar energetic particle (SEP) events. Key parameters of the various eruption phenomena will be determined and their interrelations examined to make significant leaps in our understanding on how the eruptive phenomena are linked to each other, how they interact with each other, and how they result in acceleration and release of high energy particles from the solar corona into interplanetary (IP) space. Because of their direct link to particle energisation, large-amplitude coronal waves and shocks related to these events will be in focus as well. Magnetic connections of sources with each other and with the in-situ observers will be determined. In addition to producing significant amounts of new scientific knowledge in the field, SOLER will provide the wider scientific community a wide array of advanced data products, and novel data analysis and visualisation tools that will be openly distributed. This will greatly facilitate future interdisciplinary studies of energetic solar eruptions.

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