SOLER User Requirements Workshop

The first six months of the SOLER project have been about detailed planning of the subsequent data analysis and exploitation activities. SOLER organised a User Requirements Workshop on the 19–20 June 2024. The meeting presented the plans of the different technical Work Packages (WPs) and solicited feedback from the nearest user communities. The meeting was organised in a hybrid mode and had about 30 participants onsite and about 20 participants online.

The first day of the meeting included an overview presentation of SOLER, detailed presentations of the WP leaders of their plans on how the work shall be conducted, and scientific presentations on the topics of SOLER project by the team and some of its collaborators. The second day was concentrating on analysing the feedback with the International Expert Advisory Group (IEAG) and going through the plans of the WPs that are due to be delivered by the end of June. We got valuable feedback from the participants of the Workshop, which also gave us confidence that the project is on the correct track. Let the main development and analysis phase of the project begin!

Immanuel Jebaraj presenting results for shock accelerated electrons generating synchrotron emission in an energetic solar eruption.
SOLER IEAG member Marc Pulupa (UCB/SSL) presenting new radio missions to the project.